Thyroid 200
Thyroid 200
Thyroid 200

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Thyroid 200

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200, 60 caps

USE: Glandular support for the benefit of a healthy thyroid, contains desiccated T3

A sluggish thyroid gland can make an individual feel tired, heavy and achy. Thyroid 200 mg by  Essential Therapeutics is a dietary supplement designed to support healthy functioning of the thyroid gland. It aids this endocrine gland located in the neck with doing its job of producing the essential thyroid hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) that play a crucial role in regulating the body's metabolism. The thyroid concentrate featured in this formula is sourced directly from New Zealand whole gland bovine thyroid.

Individuals who incorporate Thyroid 200 into their daily dietary regimen can expect to enjoy a number of valuable health benefits:

  • Promotes optimal functioning of the thyroid gland.
  • Encourages proper thyroid hormone production.
  • Aids in regulating healthy body metabolism.
  • Reduces the risk of such symptoms associated with underactive thyroid as mild fatigue, constipation and muscle cramps.

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