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Webinar Special Consult Bundle

Webinar Special Consult Bundle

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    Webinar Special

    Zoom New Patient Consult and Functional Medicine Testing

    (available U.S. only)(not covered by insurance)

    Includes one hour phone or Zoom new patient consult with Dr. Murphree and Organic Acid functional medicine tests for: neurotransmitter deficiencies, mold toxicity, heavy metals, oxidative stress, yeast overgrowth, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and more.


    During your consult Dr. Murphree will review your lab work results, including past labs if you have them, and your new patient questionnaire. He will explain any positive findings and make recommendations based on your paperwork and lab results. The consults are typically 45-60 minutes which includes plenty of time for question and answers, as well as best recommendations.


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