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New Fibro Formula

New Fibro Formula

  • Helps with pain, fatigue, IBS, RLS, moods, brain fog, etc.
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The NEW Improved Fibro Formula is better, uses all capsules for easier digestion and costs less!

It contains all the ingredients of the old CFS/Fibro Pack except the fish oil (couldn’t get it in a capsule).  

It contains the same high doses of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, malic acid, and magnesium PLUS-

For those with MTHFR genes, we’re now using methylated B vitamins including 5-methyl folic acid and methylcobalamin (B12). This ensures proper absorption and helps improve nerve pain, brain fog, anxiety, depression, and sleep.

We changed the B6 pyridoxine to an easier to absorb form, pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P-5-P). This is helpful to those who genetically can’t utilize regular B6. This form of B6 helps with nerve pain, brain fog, anxiety, depression, and sleep.

To ensure proper digestion we added digestive enzymes. This may reduce the need to add additional digestive enzymes.

CoQ10 was added to help reduce pain, and increase cellular, mental and physical energy.

Extra vitamin D was added to help raise the pain threshold, boost mental clarity and the immune system-4,000iu’s.

This will reduce the need to take extra vitamin D and helps save money by having it already in the formula.

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