Magnesium Glycinate (Chelated)

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Magnesium Glycinate (Chelated)

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90 caps - 30 servings - 275mg per serving

Magnesium Glycinate (chelated) provides magnesium, an essential mineral, in the form of an easy-to-absorb patented amino chelate comprised of magnesium glycinate and magnesium lysinate supplying 150 mg of elemental magnesium per capsule. Easy-to-absorb, well tolerated The benefits of magnesium for enzyme activity, energy metabolism, muscle function, bone density, and cardiac physiology are far reaching. This patented amino acid chelate of magnesium glycinate and magnesium lysinate provides highly absorbable magnesium. This compound is unusually well-tolerated without GI side effects compared to inorganic salt forms of this mineral.

Additional Info: Do not use if full-bottle shrinkwrap is broken or missing. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct light.

Packaging: White Plastic

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian Capsule (hydroxypropyl methylcellose, water) and L-leucine.

Suggested Use: 3 capsules daily with food. 

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