Optimal Thyroid Package

Optimal Thyroid Package

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This product includes the Thyroid 130, and Adrenal Cortex.


USE: The majority of patients seen for chronic illnesses, including FMS and CFS, are suffering from adrenal exhaustion. They have literally burned their stress-monitoring organ out. Between years of poor sleep, unrelenting fatigue, chronic pain, excessive stimulants, poor diet, and relying on a plethora of prescription medications, the adrenal glands, and the hormones they release, have been used up. Once adrenal exhaustion sets in, it's not long before the body begins to breakdown. Getting "stressed out" and staying "stressed out" is the beginning of chronic illness for most, if not all of, the FMS and CFS patients. Adrenal cortical extracts help repair and restore normal adrenal function. "Adrenal extracts have been recommended and successfully used for a variety of conditions that involve low adrenal function, including asthenia, asthma, colds, burns, depletion from infectious diseases, from colds, coughs, dyspepsia (poor digestion) early Addison's disease, hypotension (low blood pressure), infections, infectious diseases, neurasthenia (low energy/weakness), tuberculosis, light-headedness and dizziness, and vomiting during pregnancy" From "Practical Organotherapy," H.R. Harrower as quoted in "Adrenal Fatigue The 21st Century Stress Syndrome," by James L. Wilson, N.D.,D.C, Ph.D. These extracts are used to replenish and eventually normalize adrenal function. An advantage over cortisol hormone replacement is adrenal cortical extracts can be discontinued once they have done their job of repairing adrenal function.

Additional Info: For optimal storage conditions, store in a cool, dry place. Tamper resistant package, do not use if outer seal is missing.

Packaging: White Plastic

Ingredients: This glandular concentrate contains the outer cortex section of bovine adrenal gland obtained from countries recognized to be free of BSE. The extract is freeze dried to preserve biological activity.

Other Ingredients: gelatin (capsule), cellulose and vegetable stearate.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, adults take 1 to 2 capsules daily, or as directed by physician. 250 mg


A sluggish thyroid gland can make an individual feel tired, heavy and achy. Thyroid 130 mg by Priority One Vitamins is a dietary supplement designed to support healthy functioning of the thyroid gland. Thyroid 130 mg by Priority One Vitamins aids this endocrine gland located in the neck with doing its job of producing the essential thyroid hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) that play a crucial role in regulating the body's metabolism. The thyroid concentrate featured in this formula is sourced directly from New Zealand whole gland bovine thyroid.

Individuals who incorporate Thyroid 130 mg by Priority One Vitamins into their daily dietary regimen can expect to enjoy a number of valuable health benefits:

  • Promotes optimal functioning of the thyroid gland.
  • Encourages proper thyroid hormone production.
  • Aids in regulating healthy body metabolism.
  • Reduces the risk of such symptoms associated with underactive thyroid as mild fatigue, constipation and muscle cramps.

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