D-Mannose-for chronic UTI support

D-Mannose-for chronic UTI support

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50 grams

USE: supports normal urinary tract health
Helps bind and flush bacteria from urinary tract
Each serving contains 0.9 g of d-Mannose to the body

    d-Mannose, provided by Douglas Laboratories, supplies 0.9 grams of pure D-Mannose powder per scoop.

    d-Mannose is a simple sugar that is found in fruits such as cranberries and pineapples. Unlike other sugars, it is not stored in liver or converted to glycogen. Instead, most of it is excreted in urine where it is thought to promote urinary health.

    d-Mannose does so by maintaining a healthy environment for the mucosal surfaces of the urinary tract. It is believed that d-Mannose promotes proper binding and flushing of bacteria from urinary tract, keeping it healthy.

    Douglas Labs' D-Mannose Powder is a quick and convenient way to provide the necessary servings of D-Mannose for urinary tract health. Each serving of this powder provides 0.9 g of d-Mannose to the body.